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Date of Ashura- 2024 م

Ashura 1446 hijri10 MuharrammWednesday 17 July 2024 g
Ashura 1447 hijri10 MuharrammSunday 6 July 2025 g
Ashura 1448 hijri10 MuharrammFriday 26 June 2026 g
Ashura 1449 hijri10 MuharrammTuesday 15 June 2027 g
Ashura 1450 hijri10 MuharrammSaturday 3 June 2028 g
Muslims celebrate Ashura on 10 Muharramm every Hijri year. It is expected that Ashura of the year 1447 Hijri will correspond to the date of Sunday 06 July 2025 on the Gregorian calendar.
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Additionally to the widely observed holidays and Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, most muslims also celibrate awwal muharram, achoura, and mawlid nabawi. The dates for these islamic holidays are determined by tradition according to the Islamic or Hijri calendar, which is based on the lunar year. Therefore, the dates according to the Gregorian calendar change every year.